Why Being an Obsessed Addict Made Me a Better Job Hunter


“Dude you are obsessed.”

I had just spent 20 minutes lining out my full out plan on how the Dallas Mavericks were going to dominate the offseason, pick up the right free agents, and win the 2007 NBA Finals.

Being called “obsessed” was not the word I was quite expecting… maybe more like “Yes that is genious!”

My friend, whom I thought was a dedicated NBA fan like myself, stared at me with a puzzled look.

“How do you know so much about all these basketball players? How much basketball do you actually watch?”

The truth is, I watched a lot of basketball…

I had watched nearly 75% of the Dallas Mavericks games last season.

I also followed every basketball blog, forum, and YouTube channel I could find.

My parents even bought me “The Book of Basketball” by Bill Simmons for Christmas that year.

It was a 7 pound, 736 monstrosity of a book filled with more NBA trivia than is necessary to know.

I devoured that book.

This is my personality though….

I gain interest in a topic… then just consume everything I can about that topic.

This is the reason I can’t start playing video games…. Or take drugs… I would never be able to stop.

One summer I spent nearly every evening studying proper bowling technique.


Two years ago, I watched a documentary called “We the Tiny House People.”

I then proceeded to become an evangelist for the Tiny House Movement.

If you are unfamiliar (do you live under a rock??)… a tiny house is a 100 – 200 square foot house. They are beautiful, tiny, and I love them.

I became obsessed with learning about tiny homes and how I could buy one.

I would literally stay up until 1 am at night watching YouTube videos of tiny house tours.

So How Has Being Obsessed Made Me a Better Job Hunter?

Did you know Abraham Lincoln also shared this same trait? Lincoln would become completely immersed in a topic until he reached mastery of that topic.

Lincoln had immersed himself in voting behaviors, patterns, and trends.

This knowledge is what helped him become the president of the united states.

I became a better job hunter the day I decided I was going to learn everything I could about marketing.

I would subscribe to every newsletter, YouTube channel, and blog that I could find about marketing.

I even watched re-runs of p90x infomercials so I could study how they sell their products.

My goal was to learn how to market myself as well as p90x markets their work out DVDs.

Do You Relate??

 Do you obsess over different topics, becoming completely immersed in learning about them?

Hit me up on Twitter @JobHuntingPL and tell me what you are obsessing over right now.



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